(please excuse the sound issues that were encountered at the start of the recording)

The link above is the audio recording of An Hour With Al Quie recorded during the Valley Grove Country Social of September 2017.

Articles and Speeches on Valley Grove

Below are links mentioned in Amy Pagel’s speech from the 2017 Country Social:



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VG Altar Painting By Kristin Anderson

A Brief History, by G.M. Bruce

Valley Grove History: 1957-1973, by Kay Hope

B. J. Muus and Valley Grove, speech by Joseph Shaw

Valley Grove Historical Site, by Karin Winegar

A plain and moving beauty worth saving, by Karin Winegar

Wheeling Township and Nerstrand: Landmark of the Past  Symbol of the Future [PDF] Elizabeth Weintraub, Lola Schoenrich, and Katie Davidson

Valley Grove’s country social celebrates 150 years of Northfield community history, by Kaylin Faust