Weddings at Valley Grove

Thank you for your interest in Valley Grove as a possible wedding site. Valley Grove’s white church was built in 1894 and seats about 250 in pews on the main floor and balcony. The 1862 stone church is often used as either a staging area or can be used for small receptions. Either one or both may be reserved (fees below).

The organ is original. It has been extensively rebuilt and is in very good condition. Wedding parties will need to supply an organist and are welcome to bring other musicians. Acoustics in this church are excellent.

The fee for use of the 1894 white church for a wedding is $650 with a $200 (non- refundable) deposit due at the time of booking. The balance is due two weeks before the wedding date.

The 1862 stone church opposite the white church may be rented as a staging area for $150.00. Receptions up to 90 persons may be held in the stone church for a fee of $850.00. An additional fee of $250.00 will be charged for larger receptions requiring a tent in the parking lot. Tent rental is the responsibility of the renter.

Depending on your needs, reception sites are also available through Carleton College, St. Olaf College and in and around Northfield. The Grand (a former opera house) in Northfield is one option. There are additional sites in Faribault. Please contact the Chambers of Commerce for details.

Parking is outside the gate along the driveway. Overflow parking – short term – is permissible on the roadside. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the prairie, or within the church grounds or cemetery, please.

The 1894 white church can be heated, though our wedding season is only from May through October. Neither church has plumbing or toilets. There is one porta-potty on the grounds, and a pump with non-potable water in season.

There is a hitching rail should your party need one for a horse and carriage.

Very important: Valley Grove is an historic site, not an active congregation. There are no “church ladies” to help with your wedding. We are all volunteers. We expect you to incorporate into your wedding plans a clean up crew for the areas you used for your wedding—buildings, grounds, and garbage. Your wedding party is responsible for removing all garbage and recyclables. There is no garbage service to this historic site. Clean up needs to be done immediately after your use of the site, not the next day.

We subscribe to the philosophy “take only photos and leave only footprints.” There is no running water at Valley Grove so you will need to bring your own cleaning supplies and equipment—rags, cleaners, etc.

Here is a checklist to assist you in your plans:

  • Sweep floors (brooms in stone church closet if you use stone church)
  • Close windows
  • Take with you anything you brought—flowers, paper goods, garbage, beverages and containers. Please do not take anything else!
  • Wipe tables, counters
  • Return furniture to the configuration in which you found it



Address further questions to Ken via 507-649-1227 or [email protected]

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