Tree Project


On the prairie surrounding Valley Grove, there are the beginnings of seven peaceful and scenic memorial groves. We have a map of the protected land around the churches that shows the location (see below), the grove name and the number of trees that will be in each grove. We are planting mainly oaks, but will plant other native species as a transitional buffer between the prairie and big woods. The size of the trees will be between 2″ to 3″ at the base with a height from 6′ to 9′. We have a prairie committee that will keep the trees mulched, watered and cared for until they become established. Any tree that does not survive the first few years will be replaced. 21 oaks have been planted and already 10 have been dedicated to families and individuals, which leaves 19 trees ready for adoption.

If you would like to honor or memorialize someone with a tree or support our tree project contact Ken Sahlin at 507 649 1227.

The initial cost of a tree, including mulching and watering until the tree is established is $500.00. We will gladly accept larger donations and put them to good use. Remember that any donation is tax deductible.

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Grove Map