Prairie Rose Grove

West of the cemetery on a ridge that runs towards Rice County Road 30. This grove and Bluestem Grove are most visible to travelers on Cty Rd 30.

  • 20 trees
  • 20 planted
  • 12 dedicated


Bur Oak dedicated to the memory of Lilian Wasner by the Valley Grove Preservation Society

Bur Oak dedicated to Marjorie Herrmann Cox by her six adult children: Thomas Cox, Jennifer Cox Johnson, Raymond Cox, Robert Cox, Sarah Currier and Virginia Kearney

Valley Grove Preservation Society proudly dedicates an oak to Howard Segerstrom. Howard was a board member from the beginning of the society holding every office at various times. From the seventies to the early nineties Howard handled the weddings and cared for the churches’ brass fixtures. Many consider Howard the rock, the quiet strength in the background of the site. He was always willing to help in any way he could and played his keyboard at numerous events.

Bur Oak dedicated to the memory of Betty Gudmestad by T.K. Gudmestad, Amy Gudmestad and Julie Gudmestad.

Bur Oak as a memorial to Carl & Emma Iverson. For a number of years, Carl and Emma lived on the farm across the road northwest of the church.

Marilyn Zielke (Groff) dedicates a tree in memory of her husband Robert Zielke and her parents, Melvin and Liella Groff  and twin sons buried at Valley Grove. Marilyn and Robert were married at Valley Grove on June 30, 1952.

Bur Oak dedicated to the memory of T.K. Gudmestad by Amy & Julie Gudmestad.

Bur Oak dedicated as a memorial to K. Paul Carson who loved oak trees and carpentry by his wife Mary F Carson.

A Bur Oak dedicated to Art & Ruby Erickson by Doug Erickson. “Mom and Dad enjoyed the beauty and serenity of Valley Grove and The Big Woods”

Bur Oak dedicated to Tom Klug by Doug Erickson.

Bur Oak dedicated to Marge & Arnin Klug, Ken & Cindy Klug and Jim & Diane Klug by Doug Erickson.

On the occasion of their 60th birthday,  Margaret Barnwell Hargreaves, Anne Barnwell Vavrin, and Elizabeth Barnwell Shirtz dedicate a burr oak to the memory of their parents: Stephen Bull Barnwell and Elizabeth Jane Barnwell.


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