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GetInvolved2023 Give to the Max Day – Valley Grove Preservation Society Turns 50!

Since its founding, the Valley Grove Preservation Society has worked hard on several preservation projects, including the acquisition and preservation of the land around the historic churches, as well as the upkeep and restoration of the buildings themselves.

For all of these projects we welcome your involvement, through donations to the general fund for ongoing expenses and various restoration projects, through a contribution to the memorial grove to honor a loved one (see Tree Project), and/or through practical help with the upkeep of structures and care of the prairie.

Do you have any memorabilia from Valley Grove’s past? We are always looking for original pieces that might be returned to their home at Valley Grove and hope to see a hand-carved arch and chandelier (original or replica) in the stone church. In addition, we’ve recently discovered that the original masonry on our stone church is quite rare. Since the outer surface requires extensive work, we are currently submitting grant applications for funding this and other restoration projects for both churches.

We are careful stewards of the generous support of those who have enabled us to continue our restoration and preservation projects at this unique historic site.  We welcome your visit and hope you will leave as a friend.



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